Sunday, September 26, 2010

Polycount Pack Winners Announced!

 From Polycount:
"Here's your winners

We’ve managed to wrangle Valve in their ‘Valve-time’ slipstream long enough to catch the names of the 5 Winning entries to the first ever Polycount Pack for Team-Fortress 2.

Members of the Polycount Community were given 5 weeks to come up with a SET of items for one of the 9 different TF2 classes. These sets had to be within the same theme, and fit well within the TF2 universe. In total, some 70 sets were completed and entered (read: thats at least 210 items!) It’s no wonder they had their work cut out for them when choosing the first ever pack.

And as a special treat, everyone who entered the contest will be getting a Polycount Pin, which will be released when the Polycount Pack is released. In addition, a few individuals who contributed to the contest greatly, but did not enter the contest themselves, will also be given a Polycount Pin. It’s Valve’s way of thanking you for helping the rest of the entries become even stronger.

Out of the 70 or so entries that Valve received, Robin tells me that nearly half of the entries are of a high enough quality to be shipped in future updates without much work needed on Valve side. So, if you did not win this time around you can be confident that your items will one day find there way in to Team Fortress 2.

The ‘Polycount Pack’ Winners

Narrowing it down to 5 sets for you to eventually unlock in Team Fortress 2 (the release date is unknown but coming in the close future) the winners of the first ever Polycount Pack are, in no particular order:

The Tank Buster Pack (Soldier)

-The Black Box (rocket launcher)
-The Battalions Backup (WW2 radio and bugle)
-The Grenadiers Softcap (hat)

Special Delivery (Scout)
-The Shortstop (revolver)
-The Mad Milk (bottle of milk)
-Milkman (hat)
-The Holy Mackerel (Fish Melee weapon)

Gas Man (Pyro)
-The Powerjack (car battery hammer)
-The Degreaser (flamethrower)
-The Attendant (Gas Man cap and bow tie)

Saharah (Spy)
-Familiar Fez (hat)
-The Eternal Reward (knife)
-The L'etranger (ivory Revolver)

Croc-o-Style (Sniper)
-Ol' Snaggletooth (Croc Hat)
-The Darwin's Danger Shield (Croc Shield)
-The Sydney Sleeper (Dart Rifle)
-The Bushwacka (Large Machete)

These updates will add around 20 items and weapons to the game, all of which come from the user-created Polycount contest winners. Unlike other community items, these will be playtested and balanced, and will have stats on par with Valve's equipment. Players will be also be able to trade items when the update goes live, one of the shooter's most oft-requested features. If that wasn't enough Valve mentioned a new game mode that would be released with the pack. No release date has been seet but word from Valve seems that it may be released in the next month.
Stay tuned for more info!


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